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A Light Story A Light Story

Rated 0.5 / 5 stars


I don't get the other reviews, has america become so fundamentalist that they enjoy seeing random scriptures in flash? I thought the drawing and animation wasn't very good, and i thought the story was lacking. The paper background was kindof lame too. This needs work. If you're going to tell a christian story, you should tell one from the old testament when god was too busy raping and pillaging to give a rats ass about personal faith or any other personal. Also, the flash was very slow...too slow for what you were trying to accomplish. The "bar" sign wasn't necessary, i would suggest not being so obvious with your story telling.

TanyaLubbe responds:

Thanx 4 the advice, man! I'll try it next time.

Marx vs Orwell Marx vs Orwell

Rated 0 / 5 stars

this isn't flash.

First off this isn't even flash, a small "splash" intro doesn't make it so. Next, your lack of knowledge about George Orwell and his book is astounding. You should fail if this was for school. Animal farm was about how Stalin hijacked the communist revolution in Russia, not about how "communism was destined to fail." Orwell, was a Socialist, not a capitalist. Please read up on people before you promote US propaganda. It's sad, because you'll prolly join the army and rape terrorist 13 year old girls in Iran in 5 years. Lastly, communism didn't always fail. Yugoslavia was very successful until Western Europe and the USA trained and armed insurgents to destroy the country, eventually leading to a Nato invasion, and the complete breakup of the most successful communist government. Cuba is a successful communist/socialist country as well(although i'm guessing in America you're told otherwise). This "flash splash" is horrible. Why would you post this on newgrounds?!!

Chrispy responds:

I never said Orwell was a Capitalist, Animal Farm WAS about how communism failed DUE TO THE CORRUPTION OF THE LEADERS. I for one am not some over patriotic ass hole, I'm NOT going to join the army. I posted this on New Grounds because it was a well done and funny movie, or at least that's what everyone beside you has said. And who give a crap about Yugoslavia anyway? And Cuba is being run by a corrupt dictator right now. Thus making it... NOT REAL COMMUNISM. The whole point of Orwell's argument that absolute communism cannot exist due to the nature of humans. Maybe YOU should stop being a sac of untalented shit with no movies and actually listen to what it said. I said in this movie that Animal Farm was about Russia. Christ, you are stupid. By the way, I got an A on this project and everybody loved it because I'm amazing, so, fuck yourself and try making a movie of your own :)

The Longest Journey The Longest Journey

Rated 0 / 5 stars

You lied in your description.

This was horrible, maybe next time you should actually make a movie. The graphics were lame and there were few. The style was horrible, the sound was a crappy loop, and something tells me you're the only one that found this movie humourous.